Top Fantasy Performers of Week 13

Week 13 provided us yet another disappointing NFL weekend. It was the classic blowout, blowout, blowout, close game, blowout weekend that provides almost no entertainment. With that said, there were some impressive performances by a few individuals that deserve some recognition.

The top 2 QBs this week were Alex Smith and Josh McCown.

Alex Smith was a stud this week, he put up big numbers through the air and on the ground. He threw for 366 yards, 4 TD’s and added a rush for 70 yards. The top fantasy player of the week put up 45 points.

Josh McCown was brilliant on Sunday, matching Alex Smith touchdown for touchdown. He threw for 331 yards and 1 TD as well as rushing for 2 TD’s. This was one of his best games of the season and ended up with 32 points.

The top 2 RBs this week were Alvin Kamara and Le’Veon Bell.

Alvin Kamara was a top performer last week and most likely will be a top performer for the rest of the season. The do-it-all back rushed 9 times for 60 yards, 2 TD’s and caught 5 of 6 balls for 66 yards. He averaged 29 points across most leagues.

Le’Veon Bell played well in Mondays ugly game, he rushed 18 times for 76 yards and caught 5 of 6 balls for 106 yards and a TD. The TD was bogus considering the defender gave up on the play,  but nevertheless it counted.

The top 2 WRs this week were Tyreek Hill and Nelson Agholor.

Tyreek Hill was putting up big numbers as usual, running right by his defenders. He caught 6 of 9 passes for 185 yards and 2 TD’s. He ended up with 36 points.

Nelson Agholor had an impressive week, too bad the rest of the Eagles could put up these type of numbers. He caught 7 of 12 balls for 141 yards and a TD. He ended up with 27 points.

The top 2 TEs this week were Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski.

Kelce started the game off with a bang with a long touchdown, but didn’t do much after that. He ended he game with 4 catches, 94 yards and 2 TD’s. He led all tight-ends with 25 points.

Gronk had a near perfect game minus the huge bonehead play at the end of the game that got him suspended. Although he didn’t score a touchdown, he dominated the Bills up and down the field. He finished the game catching 9 of 11 passes for 147 yards. He ended up with 23 points.

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