2018 World Cup Groups are Set

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Today marked the drawing of the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia. Obviously some notable names left out of the draw — United States, Italy, Netherlands, Ghana, Chile — but this is still the biggest competition in the world and thus deserves the attention.

Looking quickly at the draw:

  • Group A is a snoozer. Russia gets the opening World Cup game against…..Saudi Arabia. Horrendous. Uruguay & Russia to qualify.
  • Group B looked to get off to a fast start with Portugal and Spain both being drawn. Iran & Morocco make this a cakewalk for the top two. Spain to qualify first, their neighbors Portugal second.
  • Group C provides a little intriguing options under France. Love to see the Socceroos qualify but I think Denmark has the best shot.
  • Group D looks to be a fun one. Croatia is obviously a talented team but cinderella story Iceland looks to continue its magic from the Euros. A quick fan favorite, Iceland getting a result against Argentina will be all time. Argentina to qualify first and Iceland continuing their run
  • Group E should see Brazil qualify easily — and they better hope so because a possible reunion with Germany could happen in the next round if not (see: 2014 World Cup). Brazil to finish first, Switzerland second.
  • Group F is what I believe is going to be referred to as the Group of Death. Germany is still a force and is the defending WC champion. Mexico has looked great recently and are one of the fastest teams in the field, and Sweden is fresh off knocking Italy out of the tournament. Shouldn’t be easy but I still like Germany & Mexico to qualify.
  • Group G had some intrigue with Belgium and England but the two teams should qualify easily. Although it wouldn’t be surprising if England found a way to blow it..
  • Group H should see Colombia qualify easily and the second spot is up for grabs. Give me Japan to qualify second.

We’ll do a group by group breakdown as it gets closer to the summer.

Also — this man of the match trophy is exactly what I’d expect a Russia MOTM trophy to look like




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