It’s Time For Vontaze Burfict To Go

ProFootballTalk-  Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell is fed up with Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

After Burfict kicked at the head of Steelers fullback Roosevelt Nix in a pileup during Sunday’s game, Bell posted a video of the incident on Twitter and blasted Burfict for his behavior.

“Dude gotta go, man,” Bell wrote. “That’s not football at all.”

Bell felt that Nix showed admirable restraint by not retaliating against Burfict, but the NFL shouldn’t be restrained in its punishment of him.

“It’s unbelievable the league is just condoning this activity,” Bell wrote. “But if Rosie reacts, Rosie would be the one that would get into trouble.”

Burfict was suspended for the first three games of last season for cheap shots against the Steelers in the 2015 playoffs, and suspended for the first three games of this season for a cheap shot in the preseason. Those suspensions apparently haven’t been enough to make him change his ways. Another suspension may be in order.


Another season, another controversy that Burfict finds himself involved in. After being suspended for a total of 6 games — this man does not learn. The game was only 45 seconds in before Burfict caused trouble against the Steelers — a team he has already been suspended for his actions against. This time it was for a kick on the Steelers’ FB Nix.


These plays aren’t going to stop happening and Burfict will continue to put players in harms way. Bell, clearly frustrated that he keeps getting away with it, aired his grievances out and I have to agree. Burfict has been flagged a whopping 17 times in his NFL career for a personal foul, and that’s not even counting all the plays he should have been flagged for (including this one).

If the NFL actually cared about player safety, which they don’t, Burfict would be gone. I don’t know if this play is strong enough to warrant any kind of suspension but this is a clear indication that even after the hit on Anthony Sherman in the preseason (yes, preseason), Burfict does not care and never will. It’s a joke that the NFL won’t actually step in and do something.

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